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Importing CARD/ID numbers into Papercut from TXT file
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Batch User Data Import and Update

The user data batch import and update feature allows the administrator to import users, user information and optionally update existing users details by reading data from a simple text file. It enables administrators to update the following user data:

  • Credit balance

  • Restriction status

  • Full name

  • Email address

  • Department

  • Office

  • Card/ID Number

  • Card/ID PIN

  • Notes


Examples of where the batch user details import feature is useful include:

  • To set the user email addresses that are stored in another system (like a student management system).

  • When importing user and balance data from another external or legacy system.

  • When moving user balances from previous PaperCut editions to PaperCut NG.

To perform a batch import:

  1. Manually inspect your file in a text editor and ensure it's in the prescribed tab-delimited format as detailed below.

  2. Navigate to the Users section.

  3. Click the Batch import ... action (on the left).

  4. Click Browse to select the file to import.

  5. Choose whether you want the import to create new users if they do not already exist. If you clear this checkbox, lines that contain users that do not exist will be ignored and only existing users will be updated.

  6. Press the Import button.

  7. Upon completion you will be told how many users were updated and how many users were created.


    Batch imports are a major operation modifying data en masse. Best practise suggests:

    • Always run a backup before proceeding with the import.

    • First experiment/test the import process with a small batch of users before moving onto the full batch.


    No Field Description Optional? Limitations
    1. Username The user's username Mandatory Max 50 Char.
    2.  Credit Balance The user's credit balance Optional - not set if blank A number with no currency symbol. Use fullstop for decimal point.
    3. Restricted Status The users restricted status (Y/N) Optional - restricted if blank  
    4. Full Name The user's full name Optional - not set if blank Max. 255 Char
    5.  Email The user's email address Optional - not set if blank Max. 255 Char.
    6.  Department  The user's department  Optional - not set if blank Max 200 Char.
    7.  Office The user's office Optional - not set if blank Max 200 Char.
    8.  Card/ID Number The user's indentity/card number Optional - not set if blank Max 200 Char., case sensitive
    9. Card/ID PIN The user's card pin number Optional - not set if blank. If the field is set to '-' then pin is set to zero. Max 20 digits
    10. Notes Notes about the user Optional - not set if blank Max 2000 Char.

    Sample Import File, user card doesn't have pin protection

    JWSmith[TAB][TAB][TAB][TAB][TAB][TAB] 5551234567890[TAB][TAB]


    TAB Separated file

    Sample Import File, user card has pin protection

    JWSmith[TAB][TAB][TAB][TAB][TAB][TAB] 5551234567890 1234 [TAB]


    TAB Separated file


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