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How to turn off Papercut accounting on a printer?
Posted by Matthew Ryan, Last modified by Matthew Ryan on 04 January 2013 07:01 PM

## WINDOWS ONLY: To ignore/monitor printers on other platforms see the manual.##

1) Browse to the file 'PRINT-PROVIDER.CONF' located in the .\Program Files\PaperCut ..\providers\print\win\ folder.

2) Edit the file 'PRINT-PROVIDER.CONF' and look for the entry IgnorePrinters=

Define a list of printers to ignore. The list is defined by a comma separated list of string values.  

Note: Do not prefix the name with the server or use the share name.  Use the full local name only. On Windows, restart the "Papercut Print Provider" service to apply changes.   The default behaviour is ALL printers are captured unless specified in the Ignore list.

Examples:  hplaserj,HP Color Laser,sci_lab,PdfPrinter

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