Setting of Job Quota PaperCut SDK Implementation \ Zero Stop Issue
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Please be advised that we are currently having issues EBX devices in the field resulting from the recent changes made to the PaperCut SDK 2 Embedded Guide - the issues have been reported from both the field and confirmed at TAP and it relates to MFD Quota Management effecting ZERO STOP.


SDK 2 Embedded Guide Background 

Recently there have been changes made to the PaperCut SDK 2 Embedded Guide in areas relating to the area of enabling “Quota”

Based on communication from both PaperCut, TAP and TTEC engineering it was agreed that as the setting of “Job Quota” was being set \ enable in code via the API (Output Management Interface) i.e. handled PaperCut this effectively made the need to both “expose” (08 \ 6086) the “Quota Setting” menu item in Top Access under “Counter” and enabling  “Job Quota” in Top Access REDUNDANT.

The aim from all involved was to ultimately reduce “configuration steps” when setting up an EBX MFD device to function with PaperCut.

Shown below are details about the steps removed from the SDK 2 Embedded Guide and also detailed information relating the current issue and temporary resolve \ workaround.

(FYI the steps where removed from late January onwards up to current version 2014-03-03).


Setting of Code 08 / 6086

Details: Code 08 \ 6086 controlled whether the item “Quota Setting” was displayed in TopAccess under the menu item “Counter” menu - in turn this allowed for the setting of "Job Quota".


Note: In later levels of EBX firmware code 08-6086 has been removed and the menu item “Quota Setting” is now enabled and displayed by default.


Enable Job Quota for Zero Stop – Counter Tab (THIS IS WHERE WE HAVE AN ISSUE)

Details: Enabling “Job Quota” allows for “Weight Setting” via the Output Management Interface and in turn provides “Zero Stop” (basically).


Again, this setting \ step was removed as it was understood and agreed that “Job Quota” is being set in code via the API (Output Management Interface) thus making the setting “Job Quota” in Top Access redundant.


It has now come to light that there is a problem with how PaperCut is setting \ enabling “Job Quota” in code and as a result of not setting “Job Quota” in Top Access quota management is NOT being enforced and ALL users even restricted are able to continue to into NEGATIVE i.e. NO ZERO STOP when copying.

Please know that this issue is now being address by PaperCut and will be resolved ASAP. 


Until further notice please ensure that the setting for “Enabling Job Quota for Zero Stop” is configured as per the image below at any new installation of EBX device with PaperCut or existing sites that requires Zero Stop.


 Note: don’t forget to hit “save” in Top Access.

Moving forward we will keep you all updated as to when this issue has been addressed and also from what PaperCut Build the setting \ enabling  “Job Quota” via the API (Output Management Interface) will be fully supported i.e. again no need to set “Job Quota” in Top Access.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me as I am happy to further explain the situation – also please communicate this email to all PaperCut trained staff.

PS the current guide (2014-03-03) will be revert back to include the previous instructions, once the issue have addressed by PaperCut  and we are able to share details of a supporting PaperCut MF build then the guide will have the instruction removed once again – apologies for the confusion.


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