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TAFE EOY Processes and system policies
Posted by Matthew Ryan on 15 December 2011 01:18 PM

System Policies and Processes for TAFE

In summary EOY Paytec intend to:

A. Remove student logons from 2011 cards at the same time ICT remove network logons and set Logon ID to ARCHIVE (Generally last week of students on campus)
B. Remove unused Quota from 2011 cards at the same time and leave Personal Balances.
C. Remove student logons from Papercut User table at the same time.
D. Feb 28th 2012, lock all 2011 cards
E. Delete any cards that have been inactive for 2 years (<xxxxxx=2009)

1) Students cards are encoded with the studentID=yyyy, where yyyy is the year the student has enrolled in courses. E.G. 081109=2011. Students receive allocated money at enrolment known as QUOTA. This is non refundable and does not rollover from year to year. Unused Quota is removed from the system during the last week students are on-site prior to Christmas. This is inline with the timing of TAFE ICT removing student logon's from Active Directory. The student Personal balance remains on the card and the card remains active in the system until Feb 28th of the following year to allow students to use up their remaining Personal Balance.

2) Students have the ability to add money via 'Autoloaders'. Money added via an Autoloader is known as PERSONAL BALANCE. This is non refundable and does rollover from year to year via automated scripts. These scripts are administered by Ian Chapple for TAN & TAS. Students with balances but have not enrolled for the current year have their records locked (deactivated) within the system on Feb 28th of the new student year. If they enrol after Feb 28th their personal balance will be moved over to the new card. Old student records (E.G. xxxxxx=2009) are ultimately removed from the system after 2 years of inactivity.

3) Autoloaders can only be used to credit PERSONAL BALANCES and only displays PERSONAL BALANCE amounts ($1.50) > $1.50

4) Copier Keypads show PERSONAL BALANCE ($1.50) + QUOTA ($2.00) > $3.50

5) Printing Popups show PERSONAL BALANCE ($1.50) + QUOTA ($2.00) > $3.50

6) Point Of Sale terminal (REG LRC) only allows PERSONAL BALANCE to be used. The student must have the total amount of the sale available as PERSONAL BALANCE prior to the sale, Quota can not be used in the Point Of Sale terminal for technical reasons

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