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Horizon user import into Pharos
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Pharos 8.2 required fields for Horizon export / import to Pharos

*See attached PDF for download 

<last name>,<first name>,<logon id>,<billing option>,<group>,<password>,<access level>, <credit>,<address>,<phone>,<comment>,<rate schedule>,<card ID>,<middle initial>,<alias>


Sample Import text


Smith, John, X1234567890,Advance,Public,1234,User,,,,,,,,X1234567890


Field Data


Variable text is exported from Horizon

Fixed text must be present in the CSV file prior to Pharos import


The fields may contain single quotes and spaces. If a field contains commas, it must be enclosed in double quotes. If a field contains double quotes, they must be doubled up (i.e. each double quote must be replaced with two double quotes). Items that are longer than the specified maximum length are automatically truncated. The import file should have a TXT extension.


Command line import options

The batch loader (userload.exe) can be run from within the Pharos Administrator or standalone from the command line or a script file. When run from the command line, the following options can be specified. The parameters for the command-line batch loader are case sensitive. If the short option of command line options is used, options must be in uppercase. If the long version is used, options must be in lowercase. Userload.exe is found in the .\program Files\Pharos\Bin folder.

-FN                        Filename to load

-PD                        Delete User

-PU                        Update User

-PS                        Add or Update User

-GS                        Assign all users to group specified

-IG                        Insert group if not exist


Command line example

userload -PS -FN c:\temp\users.txt -CL admin

Function: Add/Update users in the Pharos Database from a file users.txt. The Cashier user performing the operation is admin (a Cashier must always be specified when batch loading from a file).


Userload.exe /?  [Lists help] 





Last name

The user's last name.

Max 30 characters. If blank, the logon ID will be used.

First name

The user's first name(s).

Max 50 characters.

Logon ID The User ID

Max. 255 characters, must be unique. BARCODE

Billing option How the user is to be billed

Fixed Text: Advance

Group  Group the user belongs to

If the group does not already exist in the Pharos database it is either added or ignored, depending on the option selected. If no group is specified, the User will be added to the 'public' group.

Password The users password Horizon 4 digit PIN. Max 32 chararcters
Access level Level in pharos system Fixed Text: USER
Purse  The purse to be affteced Blank
Action What is to be done to the purse Blank
Amount The credit amount  Blank
Credit Amount to credit Blank
Address The users address Blank OR Max. 255 Characters
Phone The users phone number Blank OR Max. 30 Charaters 
Comment Comments about the user Blank OR Max. 255 Characters
Rate schedule The discount rate Blank
Card ID The user CARD ID Blank
Middle  The user's middle name Blank OR Max. 1 Character
Alias The user's alias BARCODE

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