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Paymatic - Konica Minolta; Scan / Fax and USB Print Charging
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Scan / Fax and USB Print Charging

*See also PDF attachment for download

Task list:


1)   Locate Inepro ADMINISTRATOR Card

2)   Set Inepro coinbox pricing for new services

3)   Enable copier settings

4)   Test all functions of the copier


Task 1


The Inepro Administrator card is used to access the settings within the coinbox.  This is plastic chip card, red in colour with the inepro logo printed on it.


Task 2


Changing the product pricing for PRINT / SCAN / FAX: 

  1. Included with the manual is a card called ADMINISTRATOR.
  2. Use the ADMINISTRATOR card to alter pricing. Insert the card into the card reader located below the display. Insert the card, chip first, and facing the display. This will automatically enter the firmware menu.
  3. Note the arrow keys located on the numeric keypad (2,4,6,8). Use these to move in and out of menus. The STOP button will exit firmware menu. The CORR key is delete. The (.)DOT a/A key is used to toggle keypad input between lowercase (abc), uppercase (ABC) and numeric (123) when in an appropriate menu. You will see (abc) on the top left of the display when case selection is possible.
  4. Pricing is located in the following menus:
    1. MAIN MENU, arrow down
    2. PRODUCTS, right arrow, select first product 0:A4 BW then right arrow to enter product
    3. 0:A4 BW, down arrow to Price, right arrow to enter price value setting
    4. Price> Use the .DOT a/A key to change keypad input to 123 (numeric) and enter new value for this product
    5. Use the left arrow key to exit a menu at a time and repeat the process for all products. E.G.
  • 1:A3BW
  • 2:A4 Colour
  • 3:A3 Colour
  • 4:A4 BW Duplex (If the copier pulses twice for this product, the cost is 2 x the value set here)
  • 5:A3 BW Duplex (If the copier pulses twice for this product, the cost is 2 x the value set here)
  • 6:A4 Col Duplex (If the copier pulses twice for this product, the cost is 2 x the value set here)
  • 7:A3 Col Duplex (If the copier pulses twice for this product, the cost is 2 x the value set here)

When setting pricing remember change is not given therefore remaining credit will either be left on the machine for the next user to benefit or is cleared. Use the stop key after copying to close the copy session.


 Default product pricing:

  • A4 BW | $0.10 |
  • A3 BW | $0.20 |
  • A4 Col | $1.00 |
  • A3 Col | $2.00 |
  • A4 b/w dpxW | $0.10 |
  • A3 b/w dpx | $0.20 |
  • A4C dpx | $1.00 | *
  • A3C dpx | $2.00 |
  • Print A4 b/w | $0.10 |
  • Print A3 b/w | $0.20 |
  • Print A4C | $1.00 |
  • Print A3C | $2.00 |
  • Print A4b/w dpx | $0.10 |
  • Print A3b/w dpx | $0.20 |
  • Print A4C dpx | $1.00 |
  • Print A3C dpx | $2.00 |
  • Scan A4 b/w | $0.05 |
  • Scan A3 b/w | $0.05 |
  • Scan A4C | $0.05 |
  • Scan A3C | $0.05 |
  • Fax A4 | $0.25 |
  • Fax A3 | $0.50 |
  • Fax Start | $0.05 |


Task 3


Enable copier setting:


This process allows you to Set / unset restrictions on the MFP, the factory default is all functionality is restricted (ON).


1)   Press <Utility/Counter>

2)   Select <Administrator Setting> (or press <3>)

3)   Press <1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> <7> <8> <OK>

4)   Select <Security Settings> (or press <9>)

5)   Select <Function Management Settings> (or press <7>)

6)   Select <Usage Settings for Each Function> (or press <1>)

7)   Set <ON>, <OFF> or <Disable> for each individual function (Copy, Print and Send Scan/Fax)


ON: functionality only allowed when enough credit available on Paymatic Coinbox

OFF: functionality available without any restrictions

Disable: functionality completely switched off for all usage.


Leave the menu and reboot copier


COPY should already be set to ON. Set PRINT & SCAN / FAX to ON.


Task 4


If any issues arise during testing please document all steps performed to produce the problem.

To revert back to the previous functionality simply set the copier functions turned ON to OFF and reboot the copier.  Please note COPY should be left ON, as this is the current pre-change setting.

 scan : fax and usb print charging.pdf (201.62 KB)
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