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DocuPro - How to apply an Annual Subscription Licence
Posted by Matthew Ryan, Last modified by Matthew Ryan on 18 October 2011 01:01 PM

1. Annual subscription licences will be emailed from Save the attached licence file (*.ibol) to a disk location accessible from the main inepro server. Close all open inepro applications on the server and other computers.

2. Open the SERVICES manager on the main Inepro server.


3. Stop the 'Inepro License Server' service.

4. On the main Inepro server browse to the folder '.\Program Files\Inepro\Back Office Suite\ and locate the file "LicenseServer.exe" (application)

Double click LicenseServer.exe to run it as an application.

5. Choose the FILE menu then IMPORT LICENSE.

6. Browse to the disk location used in Step 1 and click OPEN. This applies the licence.

7) Close the Licence Server application then restart the 'Inepro License Server' service from the services manager opened in Step 2.

8) The licence has now been applied. Please do some basic testing such as opening Inepro Back Office manager to verify the system is now back up.

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Sean Abel
20 October 2011 08:13 AM
Is there a suggested location to keep the new licence file? ie after importing can it be deleted from the temp location?
Matthew Ryan
25 October 2011 05:28 PM
Hello Sean,

Paytec default is to store it within the application directory structure and to create a LICENCE folder if it doesn't exits.

E.G. .\Program Files\Back Office Manger\Inepro\Licence\YYYY


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