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Paymatic - Blocking products based on card groups
Posted by Matthew Ryan, Last modified by Matthew Ryan on 14 October 2011 07:54 PM

Blocking available products is based on user card groups. Cash users are always group 0, where as the coinbox chip cards can be created to be group 1, 2, 3 ....etc

Based on a card group you set up disallowance rules to restrict access to individual copy/scan/fax products in the Paymatic Coinbox.

Access to the feature is via the firmware Main Menu >>Products>>Group Permissions


1. Included with the manual are three chip cards. KEYCARD, DEMO & ADMINISTRATOR card. 

2. Use the ADMINISTRATOR card to access the Main Menu. Insert the card into the card reader located below the display. Insert the card, chip first, and facing the display. This will automatically enter the firmware menu. 

Note the arrow keys located on the numeric keypad (2,4,6,8). Use these to move in and out of menus. The STOP button will exit firmware menu. The CORR key is delete. The (.)DOT a/A key is used to toggle keypad input between lowercase (abc), uppercase (ABC) and numeric (123) when in an appropriate menu. You will see (abc) on the top left of the display when case selection is possible. 


Feature Behaviour

1. When a restricted card group accesses a blocked product, the user will get the message: "insufficient funds" on the copier.

2. When a restricted card group accesses scanning the user is still able to start scanning but the job will not be send.  After counting and calculating the copier says: "insufficient funds". (The interface doesn't allow us to block the scan button totally).

3. You can have cards with different card groups. E.G. some that are allowed to do everything and others with some limitations and remembering CASH is defined as Card Group '0' and can have the same restrictions set or not as any of the card groups.

This functionality has been available since 4.14 firmware and is available to Offline and Online (with Docupro) coin boxes.


Products that can be blocked based on group access:

A4 BW | $0.10 | 

A3 BW | $0.20 | 

A4 Col | $1.00 | 

A3 Col | $2.00 | 

A4 b/w dpxW | $0.10 | 

A3 b/w dpx | $0.20 | 

A4C dpx | $1.00 |

A3C dpx | $2.00 | 

Print A4 b/w | $0.10 | 

Print A3 b/w | $0.20 | 

Print A4C | $1.00 | 

Print A3C | $2.00 | 

Print A4b/w dpx | $0.10 | 

Print A3b/w dpx | $0.20 | 

Print A4C dpx | $1.00 | 

Print A3C dpx | $2.00 | 

Scan A4 b/w | $0.05 | 

Scan A3 b/w | $0.05 | 

Scan A4C | $0.05 | 

Scan A3C | $0.05 | 

Fax A4 | $0.25 | 

Fax A3 | $0.50 | 

Fax Start | $0.05 |

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