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Konica Minolta C280e
Posted by Jason Scott on 26 May 2017 11:14 AM

Konica Minolta themselves do not formally certify certain devices for use with embedded applications under their BEST certification program. Typically these are devices which have reached a particular age, and it reflects the fact that, should an issue traceable to device firmware be found, Konica's platform team would not seek to develop a fix; the devices have effectively reached a firmware support EOL.

Technically, this means we can't list these devices as formally supported on our website any longer, as we need to draw a distinction between devices which Konica themselves have certified our application for, and those which they will not perform any testing on themselves.

With that said, that does not mean that PaperCut MF won't work with said devices, and specifically if these devices have been supported by us in the past, this does not mean they will cease to function as they once did. The key messages are:

  • PaperCut will continue to provide support these devices to the best of our ability.
  • However, if our diagnostic process determines that a given issue with our software's integration cannot be addressed without a platform-side fix, Konica Minolta themselves will not develop one.

Hopefully this delineation makes the situation and potential risk clear. I'd say that it would be fine to continue to sell licenses for devices such as the C280e, so long as the customer is made aware that some as-yet undiscovered platform-level issues might not be addressable.

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